During a recent broadcast, conservative radio host Glenn Beck stunned viewers with a dark prediction for financial system of the western world.

He warned that a secret new program by the central banks is going to cause a total collapse of the US Dollar and our entire system.

The program is called "CBDC", or "Central Bank Digital Currencies", and the Biden administration is ALL IN. This is their plan to take even more control, by making the people desperate and reliant on them.

"I will tell you that a collapse is coming that will change everything," he began.

"They need us in a digital cage and the best way to do it is a total meltdown of the financial system of the west. Because thats when you change everything," Beck said.
He went onto say that inflation is going to completely eradicate any savings you or I have in the bank. And we all know that Joe Biden is the cause of this inflation...and things are about to get worse.

If the dollar crashes, 95% of Americans are going to be left desperate. DO NOT GO ANOTHER SECOND WITHOUT BEING PREPARED!

"Don't worry about the money in your bank, worry about the VALUE of the money in your bank. How much are those dollars going to be worth?", he asked.

As this threat of inflation rages on, every American NEEDS a plan of action to fight back against Biden's collapse.

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